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My name is Mateusz Ciesielski. Everyone calls me Matt.
I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy in 2012, in Soft Tissue Manual Therapy in 2013 and have since continued my education attending to many courses, workshops and seminars. Every day I strive to help my clients eliminate pain, educate them and empower them on how to live better and healthier lives. Currently I am an Osteopathic Medicine student.
I have always been physically active and over the years have attended dance classes, Judo, and my first big love - Taekwondo. All that experience has helped in my professional life because it has given me a better understanding of how our bodies function and what it is like to suffer from an injury.
Back in Action Warrington was established in 2016 to deliver a high quality healthcare service in the comfort of your own home.

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My Goals As A Therapist

I specialise in Trigger Point Therapy, trigger points are painful knots in muscles that can give rise to pain in different areas of the body. For example, trigger points in gluteus minimus muscles can induce the symptoms of Sciatica. Reducing the activity of these trigger points can reduce pain, increase your energy levels and range of movement in your joints. My mission is to find exectly which trigger point is causing you pain and what caused the activation of that trigger point. I teach my clients how they can help themselves on everyday basis to prevent pain problems in the future. It’s not enough for me to just improve their health, I want to improve the quality of their lives.

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- BsC Physiotherapy
- Soft Tissue Manual Therapy
- Deep Tissue Massage
- Trigger Point Therapy
- Kinesitaping
- Active and passive Myofascial Release Techniques
- An Introductory course in Structural Bodywork based on Tom Myer's Anatomy Trains
- An Advanced course in Structural Bodywork based on Tom Myer's Anatomy Trains
- Medical Acupuncture
- Advanced Medical Acupuncture

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Every person is different...

When you come to my office or when I come to see you at your home, you can be sure I will treat you as an individual. We will start with thorough FREE consultation to establish what is the cause of your problem and which techniques will offer best solution to ease your pain. 
I can help you if you suffer with chronic pain, injury, stress related pain or if you would like to maximise your performance.



Myofascial Release is a specialised type of manual therapy of soft tissues like muscles, fascia, ligaments and skin which improves mobility and reduces the pain. Fascia is a tissue which surrounds, connects and protects all structures in our body – muscles, internal organs etc. Lack of movement in one area of our body can affect, all other structures even these that’s are far away from the restriction. To keep our body pain free and in the right balance there must be continuous of tension through whole fascial system.



Medical acupuncture or Dry Needling is a western approach to traditional chinese acupuncture. Insertion of thin needle into specific points in the muscles (usually trigger points) to create a strong neurological and chemical reaction in the body. Brain is releasing natural painkillers, e.g. enkaphalins, endomorphins during the treatment.

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Myofascial trigger points are these painful "knots" in our muscles. Active trigger points can cause pain in distant areas of the body. Trigger Point Therapy is focusing on finding in which muscles we have active, latent, primary or secondary trigger points and then reducing trigger points activity to relieve pain symptoms.

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Deep Tissue Massage is a massage deep within tissues. It can be an intense experience but it will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. Athletes, office workers, people who are exposed to high stress levels are finding it very beneficial to reduce their aches and pains. There's no fluff here, you will receive treatment in the areas where your body needs it the most, deep in the muscles.

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A thin, stretchy, elastic cotton strip which we stick on the skin helps to speed up the process of regeneration after injury, reduces inflammation, improves fluid flow and supports joints function. Appreciated by athletes all over the world becomes more and more popular in treating pain problems in general public.

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I'll teach you what you can do at home/work on everyday basis to speed up your recovery and to prevent pain problems in the future. The treatment with me lasts for 1 hour. What you put your body through between visits will have a major impact on the process of recovery.

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